The seed of Women Who Dared started to sprout in June 2014, when Diann Darnall was visiting with Ellen Hannan of Craig, Alaska. Ellen was a member of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks Women’s Basketball Team 1977-1981 and is a 2012 inductee in the UAF Nanook Hall of Fame.

During the visit Diann, who was the UAF Women’s Basketball Coach 1975-1981, was sharing with Ellen some of the history of women’s athletics at UAF. The conversation led the story back to Linda Moffitt’s letter. See Linda Moffitt’s story under Recipients to find out more about Linda’s letter.

Perhaps the passing of years had put some perspective on an action taken over 40 years ago. After speaking to Linda Moffitt in July 2014, Diann felt that a simple phone “Thank You” from one person was not sufficient for such a daring act that has benefited so many women. Linda’s action certainly benefited UAF women, but also helped women’s programs at UAA and many colleges and universities in the Northwest.

Women’s history, not only in athletics, but also in many other areas where the barriers of equal opportunity had been challenged, was slipping under the radar. After some reflection, Diann came upon the idea to start a non-profit organization to recognize and honor daring actions taken by women. The organization would recognize women directly and have a page dedicated to them on a website to remember their stories.

By giving attention to those women who have taken risky action which has furthered the advancement of equal opportunity and status for women, we believe will encourage the elimination of prejudice and discrimination.

Joining Diann in forming Women Who Daring is Jill Marshall, a professional graphic artist, and Merle Johnson, the first statistician for UAF Women’s Basketball Program.